Reporting support issues

When you discover you have an issue please follow these steps:

1. Email XXXXXXXX to get your call logged automatically - you will receive an automated Case Reference Number.

2. Unless we are very busy or your question is a particularly tough one, we will then usually get back to you within the hour with an update on what we plan to do next.

3. If you call and all of the team are occupied on other requests, you may get passed to our answering service - please leave a detailed message to help us understand what you need us to do.

4. Sometimes your issue will not be covered by our support agreement. These new requirements are outside of our priority system. Costs and timescales will be agreed with you before any work takes place.

5. Please be patient with us. Cases are dealt with in order of priority and arrival, and we won’t always be able to deal with your issue immediately.

If your issue hasn’t been logged into our case management system, you may not get the response time you want – please try and email XXXXXXX wherever possible to create a case automatically, and please always ask for a Case Reference Number when ringing.


Case logging and initial evaluation of the request

We aim to provide an initial response to you within 1 hour – if we can resolve straight away we will but, if not, a priority will be set, diary time booked by one of the team, and we’ll then work towards resolving (where within our capability to do so) to the following timescales:

Priority 1 - Critical issue and the business cannot function

Resolution same day

Priority 2 - Major issue but the business has a workaround until fixed

Resolution in 1-2 days

Priority 3 - Any other problem or minor issue

Resolution within 1-2 weeks

New requirement not covered by our support agreement

Work of this kind is done on an ad-hoc basis, as time permits. Costs will be agreed in advance and we’ll schedule in the work and advise timescales accordingly.

Contact Details


Phone: +44 (0) 20 8819 6176

Hours of Cover

Standard support hours are 09:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. XXXXXXXX

We can also offer out of hours support on evenings and weekends, at additional cost, with notice – please contact us for details and to arrange.